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Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw, Functional: Other Shots


1.7 oz Shot

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Review: Vitality - Turmeric

Posted: Mar 18, 2015 at 12:53 PM (Last Updated: Mar 23, 2015 at 3:12 PM)
Kor’s Turmeric shot is a blend of turmeric root, lemon and coconut juice, which is high pressure processed (HPP) and USDA Organic. While the color of the liquid is, as expected, orange (the natural color of turmeric), the liquid isn’t overly strong compared with the ginger variety. It’s also not as strong as the only other turmeric shot that’s currently widely available, Temple Turmeric’s Prana Shot. Still, this product delivers very nice flavor, with each of the three balanced nicely to create a smooth and enjoyable mix. Turmeric is definitely the main flavor, but the citrus note from the lemon and the sweetness from the coconut juice do a nice job of making something that could be consumed either as a shot or sipped as a beverage. That being said, perhaps making it a bit more potent would make it more credible as a shot. Packaging is a 1.7 oz. plastic container with a white cap. While its small format makes it intuitive that the product is a shot, we wonder where this product will be placed at retail. This is both a challenge and a potential opportunity for the product in that it’s not fighting for the same shelf space that’s currently taken up by HPP juices. As for the branding, it’s simple and clean and doesn’t seem to need to say a lot to tell the consumer what it is. Overall, we’d probably like the flavor to be a bit stronger, but this is otherwise a very nice product that offers the consumer something unique.