La Colombe Coffee

by La Colombe Coffee Roasters

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Coffee Drinks


9 oz can

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Review: La Colombe Draft Latte

Posted: Mar 12, 2016 at 10:46 AM (Last Updated: Mar 25, 2016 at 12:13 PM)
As far as packaged iced coffee beverages go, La Colombe has definitely succeeded in creating something that’s unique and innovative with its Draft Latte. The formulation, which is made with milk, cold pressed espresso, cane sugar, and acacia gum, mimics the taste and mouthfeel of a freshly made iced latte. In our opinion, the texture is even a bit better than what you get from something that’s freshly made. It has a nice fluffy and foamy consistency that’s on par with a nitro coffee. However, it really needs to be poured into a glass to get the full effect and best drinking experience. As for the coffee itself, it’s top notch, and exactly what we’d expect from a high end purveyor like La Colombe. There’s also some sweetness to the product, which, at 14g of sugar per can, seems like just the right amount (although we could certainly make an argument for an unsweetened variety). All in all, this is an extremely enjoyable and innovative tasting product. On the packaging front, the 9 oz. can is clean and minimalist in its design. There’s a plastic ring around the top, which catches the eye quickly and calls attention to the uniqueness of what’s inside. While it isn’t immediately obvious what a “draft latte” is, La Colombe has done well to describe the beverage in a succinct way. Overall, this is an exceptional product, both in terms of the innovation that it brings to the category and the liquid that’s inside the can.