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Review: Lemoncocco

Posted: Jan 13, 2016 at 8:59 AM (Last Updated: Jan 13, 2016 at 11:37 AM)
For all of the wild and crazy products that Jones Soda has come up with since its inception (e.g. Turkey & Gravy Soda), we were quite surprised to see Lemoncocco land on our desks. The product, which is non-carbonated, is a play on a classic Italian lemon and coconut drink. The liquid, which has a chalky white color to it, is light and refreshing. The lemon and coconut flavors pair quite nicely and neither has been used in such a way that it overpowers the other. Sweetened with sugar, the product has a modest 90 calories and 20g of sugar. From our perspective, this is an interesting lemonade alternative, with the hint of coconut cream giving your palate another layer of flavor that’s a bit more sophisticated than straight lemonade or one of the countless fruit-flavored offerings that are on the market. But from a visual perspective, using a can that is generally synonymous with carbonated beverages is, well, a bit confusing at first glance (and it makes us wonder how this would taste if it were carbonate). Still, the design is polished and sophisticated. It’s also pretty serious looking, which is definitely a departure from the playful approach that Jones Soda has taken with all of its flavors to date. Overall, we like the concept and the execution of the product. The real question for Lemoncocco is whether or not this product has enough meat to develop into a brand or if it will be a niche offering that’s just a small part of the larger Jones Soda portfolio.