Limitless Cold Brew Coffee

by Limitless Coffee LLC

Review: Limitless Cold Brew Coffee

Posted: Jun 28, 2017 at 10:16 AM (Last Updated: Jul 06, 2017 at 1:09 PM)

Covers Products: Mocha, Original, Salted Caramel, Vanilla

Limitless is a company that produces both cold brew coffee and matcha, but here we’re starting with its flagship line of ready-to-drink cold brew coffee beverages.

Available in four varieties, including Original, Vanilla, Mocha, and Salted Caramel, the products are all non-dairy and contain only a few ingredients. It starts with wet-washed, air roasted direct trade coffee, which they point to as an added benefit when it comes to the flavor and lower toxin levels of the beans. While some of this is definitely coffee geekery that will go over the heads of most cold brew drinkers, Limitless has achieved a really smooth and balanced coffee flavor across all four varieties.

Still, the Original, which is an unsweetened and unflavored cold brew, was our favorite of the bunch. It’s clean, with slight fruit notes, and has minimal acidity to its finish. It’s not the strongest cold brew we’ve ever tasted, but, on the other hand, it has a flavor profile that we could see ourselves coming back to again and again.

As for the flavored varieties, Limitless faces the same challenge that other coffee-first RTD drinks face: providing enough flavor such that each SKU is different without washing away the quality of the coffee. On that front, we’re not sure that these blends are quite there yet, especially with a more assertive flavor like Salted Caramel. The Vanilla and Mocha are a bit closer to the mark, but they, too, could stand to be dialed in a bit.

Visually, Limitless starts off on the right foot in that they’ve managed to create something that looks a bit different than the norm for cold brew. The 10 oz. glass bottle has more modern typography than the competition’s, which tends to be stuck on retro as a design style, while the flame illustration in the background is an eye-catching visual element.

However, we do feel as though “Limitless” should be a more dominant element than it currently is. “Cold Brew Coffee” is what gets the visual focus, which makes the brand name feel a bit lost in the shuffle. If they were to simply use a heavier weight font on the brand name, this might solve the problem.

Finally, Limitless needs to be more direct in how they address their points of differentiation. There are visual cues on the front of the label that call out the wet washed, air roasted, and low toxin benefits, but they are very small. Plus, the consumer has to be in the know, so it isn’t necessarily helping to pull in consumers who are trying to figure out which cold brew to pick from the inevitably crowded coffee set.

Overall, Limitless has some glimmer of differentiation -- and they have some nice tasting liquid at the base of these products -- but they need to continue to continue to adjust the messaging and the formulations of the flavored offerings.

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