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Coffee: Cold Brew, High Pressure Processed (HPP), Juice: Coconut Water and Juice


13.5 ounce

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Review: Black

Posted: Nov 29, 2015 at 2:49 PM (Last Updated: Dec 10, 2015 at 12:20 PM)
Loco Coco’s “Black” variety is a high pressure processed blend of cold brew coffee and coconut water. It is, thanks to the natural sugars in coconut water, a lightly sweetened offering that has notes of both coffee and coconut. As a result, the coffee flavor of this product isn’t as intense as straight cold brew coffee. Plus, it has a slightly nutty finish, which is pretty enjoyable. The company has found a nice balance between the two flavors and the product thrives in the simplicity and cleanliness of the combination. All in all, we really like what it has created. Visually, the product comes packaged in a 13.5 oz. square bottle with a clear label. The branding feels like it has potential, but it needs refinement in its execution. We’d like to see it go horizontal rather than vertical and it needs to be visually punched up in some capacity. Still, of the two flavors, this variety seems like the stronger one. It’s much closer to being a complete product, both in its flavor and messaging.