Long Life Herbal Teas

by Long Life

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Tea: Sweetened


16oz glass

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Serving size 8fl oz, servings per container: 2, calories: 50, total fat: 0g, sodium: 0mg, total carbohydrates: 13g, sugars: 13g, protein: 0g


natural spring water, organic Florida Crystals (evaporated cane juice), organic honey, organic decaffeinated green tea, natural lemon flavor, organic Echinacea herb, organic lemongrass, organic siberian ginseng, ginkgo, natural citric acid, and organic lemonbalm

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Review: Decaf Green Tea - Lemon/Honey

Posted: Aug 20, 2001 at 5:27 PM (Last Updated: Aug 20, 2001 at 5:27 PM)
Decaf Green Tea with Lemon and Honey is Long Life's "Wellness Infusion" as it is infused with Ginkgo, Echinacea, and Ginseng. The flavor of this tea is very sophisticated -- starting with the crisp brew of green tea that was used. The lemon and honey flavors truly give it a refreshing full bodied taste. However, the tea still maintains a light clean finish that we truly enjoyed. This beverage proves that organic ingredients do make a difference. Definitely give this a try.