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16oz Plastic

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Review: Chia Life (2013)

Posted: Jul 01, 2013 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Jul 01, 2013 at 9:38 AM)
Of the LuliTonix products that we sampled (four of them in all), this is without question the most memorable of the bunch. This variety blends cashews, dates, vanilla, coconut oil, nutmeg, salt and chia seeds to create a cross between a chia smoothie and a nut milk. As far as the base nut milk flavor goes, the product has a gritty texture (we’re guessing they used the whole nut versus straining it), but has a very smooth cashew flavor. From there, we taste the sweetness from the dates, the hint of vanilla, and a subtle cinnamon finish. And the company didn’t skimp on chia at all with this one -- you can’t take a sip without getting a mouthful of chia seeds (some chew is required with this product). All in all, this product is extremely enjoyable and full of sustenance. On the outside, the company uses a 16 oz. squarish bottle that has been decorated with simple black and yellow lettering. While the yellow lettering is slightly hard to read on the white backdrop, the black lettering catches the eye. But it’s the more straightforward name (using “chia” is much more descriptive than the other flavors) that we like most about this product’s packaging. If only the other flavors could follow suit. Overall, this was our favorite variety of the lineup.