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500ml Plastic

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Review: Lumen Water

(Last Updated: Jul 03, 2014 at 9:44 AM)
Lumen Water is an ultra-premium bottled water that touts having a pH level of 8 and 100mg of total dissolved solids per liter. The result, the company claims, is one of the purest and softest tasting waters out there. The product, which currently comes packaged in a 500 mL plastic bottle with a chrome top, definitely presents itself well. However, if it were packaged in glass, the message might ring more true. As it stands right now, the plastic bottle hurts the experience of the product, both because it’s not a luxurious look and because putting your mouth on plastic tastes like, well, plastic. Furthermore, the stark format of the package is one that seems like it would be a tough sell for off-premise retailers as it doesn’t effectively communicate what it’s all about. The challenge is doing that without cheapening the look (that’s for Lumen to figure out). Ultimately, luxury water is something that has proven to be very difficult to crack. We do think that the concept and the name have potential, but ultimately the execution of the package and effectively telling the story are key to building a loyal following. So far, it seems as though Lumen has some decent parts, but additional work is needed to build this into a cohesive brand.