Mamma Chia Clean Energy Beverage

by Lance Hoffman

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Tea: Herbal and Alternative, Functional: Energy Drink: Regular



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Review: Cherry Charge

(Last Updated: Aug 21, 2014 at 10:19 AM)
Mamma Chia’s Vitality + Energy is a chia beverage that is made with 4% juice, loads of chia, and guayusa tea (for caffeine). Like other Mamma Chia products, this variety, Cherry Charge, is quite viscous and, unless you swallow the chia seeds, requires some chew. The cherry flavor is light and enjoyable and it pairs nicely with other flavors in the drink. The guayusa adds a subtle amount of “tea” flavor to the product, which is definitely a nice change from their flagship line (it’s also an innovative use for guayusa). It also adds 90mg of caffeine to the product, which puts it on par with a standard 250 mL energy drink. The product is sweetened with sugar, but only moderately as the drink has 14g of sugars per 10 oz. bottle. All in all, this is a very nice tasting product and one that offers a subtle change of pace from the company's flagship line. On the packaging front, Mamma Chia kept the core brand intact, but the tapered bottle is gone. In addition, the product uses a silver label on all of the four flavors. This presents a slight problem in terms of identifying the different flavors -- they all have the very similar color schemes between the accent color and color of the liquid. Furthermore, for readability purposes we wish that the word “energy” wasn’t split across the “+”. Still, these are minor details. Our overall feeling on this product is that it’s a smart move for Mamma Chia and one that takes chia into a new segment that it hasn’t previously in. As for this variety, we really enjoyed the cherry flavor and, despite the similarities in appearance between the flavors, think it’s a very nice looking product.