Manhattan Special Sodas

by Manhattan Special Bottling Corp.

Product Type

Carbonated Soft Drink: Regular


10 & 24 fl oz

Nutritional Info

Calories: 140 (per 10oz) Sugars: 32g


Ingredients are not available for this product.

Bevnet Rating
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars
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Review: True Fruit Cherry Soda

Posted: Feb 25, 2001 at 6:26 AM (Last Updated: May 31, 2001 at 6:09 PM)
Manhattan Special Cherry Soda has a very smooth and fruity taste. Also, as an added bonus, there are pieces of real fruit floating in this beverage! Manhattan Special Cherry Soda has a very high quality and old-fashioned flavor that deserves our highest marks. A truly amazing gourmet soda!