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16.9oz PET

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Review: Unsweetened Ginger

Posted: Mar 23, 2015 at 2:21 PM (Last Updated: Sep 17, 2015 at 9:47 AM)
Of Matcha Love's two flavored varieties (Ginger and Vanilla), this was definitely the one that we preferred. Both are enjoyable, but we found that the light spice from the ginger created just a bit more differentiation with the original. The Vanilla, on the other hand, has a flavor that’s really quite subtle. While we definitely like the spice for the flavor that it adds, it also does a nice job of enhancing the umami of the matcha. The green tea plays less of a role in this variety than it does in the original, but there is a slight note of it at the finish. Still, we wonder if the flavor has enough variation from the Traditional variety. Either way, this is a really enjoyable zero-calorie beverage. As for the packaging, it has a similar look and feel to some of Ito En’s other products. We were hoping it would follow in the footsteps of its sharp looking Matcha Love cans and tins, but these feel more in line with the company's Teas' Tea products. Specifically, there’s a fair amount of text on the front of the label, which is a slight impediment to the overall visual look of the label. However, it’s an intuitive product such that you can quickly and easily figure it out. Finally, it’s great to see Ito En continuing to expand into organic beverages -- it’s definitely an area where we think the company can excel. Overall, there’s some room to refine the design, but what’s inside the bottle is top notch.