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10 oz GLASS

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Review: Fuji Apple Ginger

Posted: Jan 20, 2016 at 12:33 PM (Last Updated: Jan 22, 2016 at 2:07 PM)
Made with 35 percent juice that includes apple, ginger, and lemon juices, this MatchaBar variety has the most complex flavor of the three that we sampled. It also features ceremonial grade matcha, natural flavor, cane sugar, and sodium copper chlorophyllin (for color). In terms of taste, there’s a note of apple, while the matcha and ginger combine to create something that’s grassy and spicy (although both are subtle). The use of sugar creates and increased level of sweetness, which is honestly something that we could live without. Finally, there’s the lemon juice, which provides a welcome note of acid at the finish. All in all, it’s definitely a nice tasting product, but we’d like to see a little less sweetness to it. Nutritionally, the product has 90 calories, 17g of sugars, and 80mg of caffeine per bottle. Packaging is one of the stronger attributes of MatchaBar and this flavor’s packaging is no exception. This one has a red backdrop, which, like the other labels, is bright looking and has clean arrangement of all the text on the label. We like the “torn” look to the white area that holds the MatchaBar logo and the “Calm, Focused Energy” tagline. Even as you turn the bottle around, the label is clean and the copy is very intuitive. As far as the current ready-to-drink matcha category goes, this product is definitely one that will stand out. Overall, a sharp looking product with flavor that is, despite perhaps needing a little less sugar, quite enjoyable.