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5 oz Pak

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Review: Pinapple Lemon

Posted: Aug 06, 2012 at 11:21 AM (Last Updated: Aug 27, 2012 at 11:58 AM)
Mickies Slices’ Pineapple Lemon is an organic beverage that’s labelled as being 100% juice. From a flavor perspective, it has an accurate pineapple flavor and a touch of lemon, but there’s also a hefty amount of apple to it. And that’s no surprise given that apple juice -- not pineapple juice or lemon juice -- is the only juice found in this product. While it definitely tastes good, we think there will be some confusion when an organic-conscious buyer reads the label and realizes that this is the case. Otherwise, the product’s 70 calorie formulation and added vitamins (B, C, D) certainly put it in the realm of where juice boxes fall. As for the actual container, the “slice” box is something that’s visually different from the rest of the products in the space. The product is held flat (as opposed to standing up), which definitely takes some getting used to. Otherwise, the name and the brand are okay (although there’s an obvious question of how it relates to the Disney character of the same name). And from a design perspective, there’s a lot going on on the front panel of the product. Simplifying and cleaning it up would be helpful. Overall, this product has very unique packaging and good flavor, albeit flavor that’s not significantly better than other products in the space.