Midori Matcha

by Midori Matcha

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High Pressure Processed (HPP), Tea: Sweetened


16 oz

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Review: Honey

Posted: Sep 15, 2015 at 3:11 PM (Last Updated: Sep 18, 2015 at 3:17 PM)
Building on the same base of ceremonial grade matcha that you’ll find in the company's unsweetened variety, which is USDA Organic and high pressure processed (HPP), this version adds a touch of organic honey to the mix. And we really mean a touch -- the product has 4g of sugars per bottle. If you’re looking for sweet, this isn’t it and, quite honestly, it tastes a bit too similar to the unsweetened variety. That being said, we feel as though Midori should choose between these two flavors and go with one of them -- or up the sweetness in this variety. Which brings us to another point: what the company has created, while extremely top notch in terms of the liquid, feels a bit too close to a commoditized tea. If Midori can take this product and create its own unique flavor, we think they’ll have an increased chance of success. But right now, this seems like something that will appeal to the hardcore matcha fan rather than a broader audience. The simple fix for this particular flavor would be to increase the sweetness a bit -- and to adjust the packaging such that the Midori brand stands out a bit more (as mentioned in the review of the Unsweetened, the lower circle is somewhat of a visual distraction). And we’re still left wondering if a 16 oz. format is the right size for a product of this type. All in all, this product is still quite enjoyable and the execution of it is top notch, especially for the liquid. However, we’re definitely curious to see how the company takes it to the next level.