Mocked Up

by Mocked Up, LLC

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1 Liter Carton

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Review: Cucumber Cosmo

As the name suggests, this flavor of Mocked Up was designed to recreate the flavor of a cosmopolitan but without the alcohol. It’s made with 10 percent juice, including apple, cranberry, and lime, and is sweetened with sugar. The resulting product, which has 80 calories and 20g of sugar per 8 oz., is definitely quite pleasant to drink. We’re not quite sure how similar it is to a cosmo -- it’s more of a juice cocktail flavor to us -- we don’t know if this particular flavor is really a substitute for the real thing. On the packaging front, it does, for a Tetra Pak carton, present a nicely executed upscale appearance. With the mocktails category still evolving, packaging and messaging, which will help distinguish it from mixers and alcoholic drinks, are ultimately what are going to make or break this product. While we think that there could probably be some slight improvements in both flavor and messaging to further instill the experience of this being a cocktail replacement, it definitely feels as though it’s on the right track.