Mocked Up

by Mocked Up, LLC

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1 Liter Carton

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Review: Margarita

Of the three Mocked Up flavors, the Margarita was our favorite. While the product has the same 10 percent juice content as the other flavors (this time it’s from apple, orange, and lime juices), they’ve added tequila flavoring to the mix. This does a great job of making something that truly tastes like a virgin margarita. If we were going to drink a virgin cocktail, we’d want it to taste like this. It’s subtle and smooth, with a nice lime note, a hint of sweetness, and a light tequila flavor that even simulates the burn that you get from the real thing. As for the packaging, the 1L multiserve Tetra Pak carton is an interesting approach. It certainly doesn’t look as upscale as a single serve glass bottle (or perhaps can) would, but they’ve done a nice job creating something that’s bright and polished looking. If there’s anything about it that we’d change, it would be to give the “Mocked Up” logo a stronger presence. As it currently stands, the use of vertical text and a thin font make it something that’s easy to miss. Overall, there’s definitely some room for improvement, but this is a really solid start and the best flavor of the brand.