Molly's Milk Truck

by Molly's Milk Truck Beverages, LLC

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Coffee: Cold Brew


12 oz Plastic

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Review: Signature

(Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015 at 10:50 AM)
Molly’s Milk Truck’s Signature flavor is an almond milk-based iced coffee drink that is lightly sweetened with agave. The flavor of the product is mild and easy on the palate, with it skewing more towards being an almond milk than a coffee drink. The coffee, which is from cold brew concentrate, is a secondary flavor that complements the almond milk base quite nicely. When factoring in the agave, which adds some earthy sweetness, the three flavors in the product seem to be at exactly the right levels. Lastly, there’s a hint of cinnamon and vanilla, which add a pleasant finishing note to the product. All in all, this is a really enjoyable tasting product. Packaging is a 12 oz. fully wrapped bottle which puts it in a package that definitely looks the part of a premium almond milk or refrigerated beverage. The concept of the brand, which is to take the story of the food truck named Molly’s Milk Truck and turn it into a packaged beverage, is unique, but some visual cleanup and simplification would help. For starters, the eye tends to jump around to the different text elements, which use a variety of different type treatments and colors. Cleaning this up -- and making sure that the elements are stacked in the order that they should be read -- would be helpful. Lastly, we wonder if the company couldn’t figure out a way to put the truck image somewhere more prominent without being cheesy. This might help lure consumers into the story and make for something that is visually memorable. Overall, there’s a lot to like about this product, and it seems as though the company has the foundation for something that could have broad appeal.