Monster Energy

by Hansen Beverage Company

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Functional: Recovery and Hangover, Tea: Yerba Mate


16 oz Can

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Review: ProTEAn + Energy

Posted: Dec 15, 2011 at 10:48 AM (Last Updated: Dec 28, 2011 at 10:16 AM)
The Protean + Energy variety of Monster Rehab is a very interesting product that has virtually every functional ingredient imaginable. The name, Protean, is a play on protein, both of which are in this drink (15g of protein and white and black teas). Some of the other ingredient highlights include coconut water, quercetin, acai extract, yerba mate, vitamins, amino acids, and caffeine. From a flavor perspective, it’s actually quite good, with a pleasant tasting tea flavor that has been sweetened and flavored with some sort of citrus flavoring. It’s sweetened with sugar and ace-k, which helps keep the calories to only 100 per can. The protein has no effect on the flavor, which is something that has been an issue for many protein drinks in the past. Packaging is easily recognizable as part of the Monster Energy lineup, but given how many products make up the Monster line, consumers will have to examine the can closely to figure out which variety this is. Overall, a very enjoyable addition to the lineup and it excels as both an energy and protein drink.