Mudra Mushroom

by Mudra Mushroom, LLC

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Tea: Sweetened


16 Oz Glass

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Review: Blueberry - Peach

Posted: Mar 30, 2015 at 2:02 PM (Last Updated: Jun 09, 2015 at 12:33 PM)
The Blueberry-Peach flavor of Mudra Mushroom starts with a base of green tea and chaga and reishi mushrooms. From there, the company has added organic peach juice concentrate, organic agave, and natural flavors (for the blueberry flavor). The resulting blend has only 20 calories and 5g of sugar per bottle, which means that it has a very light and subtly sweet flavor profile. As far as green tea products go, it can definitely hold its own and we especially appreciate that the product doesn’t have an overly acidic finish as many iced tea products do. However, the company could definitely make the blueberry flavoring better than it currently is. As for the mushrooms, adding reishi and chaga doesn’t impact the flavor, but it does add a trendy ingredient that gives this product a unique marketing angle. We do, however, wonder if the branding of this product is a bit too mushroom-focused. It’s one of those products where it feels like it's gone too heavy with the functionality and have forgotten to be something that is pleasing to the senses. Whether Mudra changes up the branding or not, we do feel as though it needs to make a better callout for the product’s sweetness level as this is a pretty key differentiator for bottled teas. Finally, better placement of non-GMO or obtaining organic certification would definitely help. Overall, this product is nice for the brand’s first effort, and we feel as though Mudra has something to work with.