Mulberry Love

by Mulberry Love

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8oz Glass

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Review: All Natural Mulberry

Posted: Nov 07, 2013 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Nov 11, 2013 at 12:37 PM)
Mulberry Love “All Natural Mulberry” is a mulberry fruit drink that is positioned as a “superfruit” drink. It does, of course, contain mulberry juice, but the product’s additional ingredients, which include coconut water and agave, are certainly worth mentioning. In terms of flavor, it’s a tart and full-bodied flavor, much the same type that you’d get from a pomegranate or grape juice. To that end, it’s certainly a familiar and easy drinking flavor. It has slightly more balance than pomegranate juice typically does, although we’d definitely like to taste more of the coconut water (for that, you’ll have to try the company's other flavor). In the absence of coconut water or some other flavor adjustment, our biggest concern for this product is the lack of something distinctive or unique -- it would be very hard to pick this product’s flavor from a lineup of other superfruit beverages. On the outside, we like the company's choice of a curved 8 oz. bottle; it feels very nice to hold in your hand. The look of the label is polished, clean, and, most importantly, approachable. In addition, we’d like to see additional flavor varieties make their way into the mix. For a product of this type, leading with a familiar flavor will certainly help lure in consumers. Overall, a nice start and we feel as though Mulberry Love can definitely build upon it.