by B&T SAS

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

MYGO is a new concept; "A Superfruit drink." To put it another way; "A health drink." Because it?s real, 100% natural, rich in vitamin C and many other naturally occurring antioxidants all compliments of the 2 Superfruits in each and every drink. This juice provide a maximum of energy boosting nutrients and antioxidants.

MYGO contains Goji berry ?the fruit of happiness and longevity? and from times nearly before time it has been handsomely quoted in Chinese medicine. For the Chinese, this fruit is considered an invigorating stimulating and they also call it ?The Energy of Life."

The Goji is renowned for its incredible energy laden/anti-aging properties and it's uncanny ability to slow down cellular degeneration. We are not saying it will make you look 10 years younger but you just might feel that way and you?ll definitely be hooked.


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