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Review: White Tea with Peach

(Last Updated: Aug 27, 2014 at 10:34 AM)
Labeled as a dietary supplement, Naturnique Energizing Tea is promoted with the tagline, “Finally...Great Tasting Energy!” As for what’s inside the bottle, it’s basically a sugar-sweetened white tea product that’s enhanced with caffeine (from green tea extract), ginseng, and vitamins. Unfortunately, there are just too many flaws in this product. For starters, it doesn’t taste all that good, which is a problem considering the tagline (side note: there are plenty of great tasting “energy” products). It’s pretty much an average bottle of peach-flavored tea. Functionally, the product doesn’t offer anything overly unique -- just the same stuff you can get in other energy products. But really, it’s the branding and messaging that’s the biggest problem for this product. The design is plain and very matter-of-fact in how it presents itself, which is definitely to the detriment of the product’s appeal. For example, there’s no reason to have “dietary supplement” on the front, and the cliche tagline should be eliminated entirely (another side note: most products that have to say that they taste great generally don’t). Getting a new package designer -- and perhaps a new bottle -- would be a good place to start. That is, of course, after the company figures out how to improve the liquid inside the bottle. The market for caffeine, ginseng, and vitamin-enhanced tea is simply not something that we see as an opportunity for an upstart beverage company to chase. Overall, this product unfortunately needs a lot of work to be successful.