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8.4oz Can

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Review: NEO Energy

Posted: Mar 20, 2013 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Apr 02, 2013 at 9:54 AM)
Neo’s “Premium Organic Energy Drink” is a 60 calorie USDA Organic certified product that comes packaged in the ubiquitous 8.4 oz energy drink can. With a formulation that uses lemon juice, green tea, and what appears to be berry flavoring, the product has a flavor profile that skews more towards the CSD category than energy. It’s sweetened with a blend of sugar and stevia, which gives it a modest amount of sweetness and tolerable aftertaste. While the differences aren’t massive (in fact, they are relatively subtle), this formulation definitely tastes like something that has a unique spin compared to the countless other energy drinks that we’ve tried. Functionally, the product has 100 mg of organic caffeine (from guarana and green tea), ginseng, electrolytes, and B vitamins. Visually, they’ve created something that looks clean and very polished, but potentially lacks in personality in the treatment of the brand. Really though, this drink is all about being organic (it’s mentioned several times on the packaging in addition to the USDA Organic seal). And that’s been a segment of the energy category that hasn’t had a true dominant player emerge. In the case of Neo, the branding itself doesn’t feel like something that was designed for the natural channel (a likely starting point for an organic energy drink). Only time will tell whether that’s a good thing or bad thing. Regardless, for those that do try Neo Energy because they seek something new or organic certified, we don’t think they’ll be disappointed.