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Last Updated: 1/18/2012 4:30 PM

Neuro Sport is, as the name implies, the sports and hydration variety of the line. Featuring a citrus lemon flavor that’s delivered in a non-carbonated format, the product drinks very much like a traditional sports drink. That is with one exception – the use of sucralose, which cuts the calories (35 per bottle) but leaves a sweetener aftertaste behind. Given the level of sweetness that the drink has (it’s rather sweet), they could probably stand to use less of the sucralose and sugar, which would make for a lighter tasting product. Otherwise, Sport adds in a load of vitamins and minerals, delivering electrolytes and hydration. Plus, we like that this variety has no coloring in it, which again makes for a nice point of differentiation between the other flavors in the line. Packaging stands out, at least with the cone shaped cap on, but the small CSD style opening might not be a hit with sports drink consumers who are used to a wider mouth. Then again, this probably isn’t a product that’s being used during sweat occasions, with its smallish 14.5 oz. size being noticeably smaller than competing products. Overall, an enjoyable product that needs only a few tweaks.


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14.5 oz PET

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