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Last Updated: 4/13/2011 1:29 PM

A surprising product in that the almost neon-yellow colored bottle contains a clear liquid with a pina colada flavor -- particularly since there's no mention of that flavor on the bottle. Sweetened with a blend of sugar and sucralose, the product has a pleasing sweetness to it, but there’s a slight note of artificial sweetener at the drink’s finish. Still, for 35 calories per bottle, it’s definitely something that is tolerable. Functionally, this product is attempting to deliver the benefits of being in the sun without the harmful side effects (sunburn? UV rays?). Specifically, it contains 250% RDA (1000IU) of Vitamin D, which Neuro claims supports a healthy immune system, a balanced mood, and healthy bones. However, the tie back to the name “Sun” is rather loose. Ultimately, this is a product that people will likely consume because they like the flavor and look of the package – the vitamin D itself is not a big enough selling point. Speaking of the package, this variety uses the same proprietary bottle as the other Neuro flavors. With the head illustration, the lack of flavor description, and color of the bottle, the look says 'functionality,' but it’s definitely not a package or label that whets the appetite. Overall, this is a decent tasting product that feels fun and will look nice on the shelf, but tweaking the front panel to better communicate what’s inside the bottle (in terms of the drinking experience) would help.


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Functional: Energy Supplement


14.5 oz PET

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