Nitro 2 Go

by Nitro 2 Go

Product Type

Functional: Energy Drink: Regular


16 oz and 8.4 oz can

Nutritional Info

calories 110;
total fat 0g;
sodium 190mg;
total carbs 28g;
sugars 27g;
protein 0g;
vitamin C 100%;
niacin 100%;
vitamin B6 250%;
vitamin B12 100%;
pantothenic acid 50%


filtered water, glucose, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural and artificial flavors and colors, taurine, glucuronolactone, ascorbic acid, caffeine, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, inositol, niacin, pyridoxine HCL (vitamin B6), pantothenic acid, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12)

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Review: Nitro 2 Go High Octane Energy Formula

Posted: Sep 11, 2003 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Aug 20, 2004 at 8:18 AM)
Nitro 2 Go is a potent energy drink that has a flavor that has a general style that is similar to red bull. However, there's less of a medicinal flavor and more of the citrus-berry flavor. Overall, the flavor is one that our panel had no problem consuming. While we typically do not comment on whether these products do or do not increase energy, we would be more likely to trust products from a company like this than some of the other random startups. The only downside to this product is that it definitely has more of a nutrition-store appearance. Only time will tell what the market thinks.