NuBru Handcrafted Cold Brew Coffee


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Coffee: Cold Brew


12 oz

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Review: NuBru with Coconut Milk

Posted: May 29, 2015 at 2:37 PM (Last Updated: Jun 01, 2015 at 11:57 AM)
This variety of NuBru Coffee is the most complex of the bunch, and the only one with added sweeteners. The label's description of “subtly sweet & creamy” is quite accurate as it definitely has a different flavor than what you’d get from a dairy-based offering. There is a slight coconut flavor to it (the product uses coconut milk and coconut sugar), which, assuming you don’t have anything against coconut, is a nice extra flavor note. As for the coffee, it’s quite present in the product’s flavor profile. Using coffee that’s been slow-brewed over 14 hours and employing high pressure processed (HPP) rather than pasteurization, the flavor is smooth and low in acid; it's exactly as promised. Ultimately, the fact that the coconut milk and sweetness are mellow and the coffee is smooth and not acidic are what make this product work as well as it does. We haven’t seen anything like it on the market so far. One might say the same thing about the packaging and positioning of the product. Using HPP is currently a point of differentiation as is using a 12.5 oz. plastic bottle. The design of the label is very eye-catching and delivers a hip, but clean, image. The only change that we’d like to see is a better way of handling the flavor names as it’s not overly intuitive or consistent between the three. Otherwise, we really like this product, both in terms of its execution and the innovation that it brings to the category.