Nytro Jack

by Farma Labs

Review: Nytro Jack

Posted: Dec 19, 2019 at 9:28 AM (Last Updated: Dec 19, 2019 at 2:41 PM)

Covers Products: Organic Nitro Coffee + 15mg CBD Oil, Organic Nitro Coffee + 15mg CBD Oil + Collagen

Nytro Jack is a line of nitrogen-infused, flash-brewed organic coffees enhanced with 15 mg of CBD oil. The product line features two SKUs, an Organic Nitro Coffee variety as well as one that also includes collagen. Both products are packaged in 8 oz. cans.

Also noteworthy is that both of the Nytro Jack products contain a touch of sweetness from the 10 grams of added cane sugar per can. This does a nice job of rounding things out and giving the product a bit more flavor. 

That being said, we think this is an enjoyable product that’s clean, bold, and smooth in finish. The added CBD is a nice touch and fortunately does not get in the way of the product’s flavor. 

The SKU with added collagen is also tasty; We particularly enjoyed its almost creamy flavor. However, given a choice, we’d probably stick with the original. And honestly, we somewhat question the market potential for nitro flash-brewed coffee with CBD and collagen. This seems like an idea that’s a bit too niche for a startup with only two SKUs. 

While the brand name “Nytro Jack” has a nice ring to it, the execution of the branding and label need some work. We say this from both an aesthetic perspective -- the label and overall design lacks polish and, as a result, overall visual appeal -- but also because it lacks a clean and readable hierarchy of information.

A larger visual overhaul would definitely help this brand, but we feel it’s critical that they connect some of the elements together. As it stands right now, there is descriptive text in a band around the top of the can, a stack of elements at the bottom, and a callout for “smooth Mayan coffee” under the logo. This requires consumers to assemble all of these elements in their head to understand what the product is. Simply put, combining all of these elements into a cohesive and more succinct statement is key.

Overall, Nytro Jack definitely has some good things going for it, particularly its solid coffee flavor. However, we think that the brand needs to dial up its efforts on packaging and positioning, especially as the CBD beverage space gets more crowded.

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