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Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


8oz Plastic

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Review: Lemon Apple Ginger

(Last Updated: Jun 12, 2014 at 10:56 AM)
The Lemon Apple Ginger flavor of o2 Living’s Kids lineup is a blend of lemon, apple and ginger. Like the rest of the line, the company uses organic ingredients that are cold-pressed and high pressure processed rather than pasteurized. The resulting product definitely feels pretty kid-friendly in terms of flavor. There’s a decent amount of sweetness from the apple, while the lemon flavor adds some tartness to the mix. The ginger pretty much hangs out in the background, adding a light spice to the product without making the product taste overly spicy (a good thing since the company is targeting kids). Ultimately, it’s a pretty solid tasting product and, given the portion size, it seems like something that could appeal to both kids and adults who are looking for a reasonably-sized product. On the design front, the 8 oz. bottle feels both cute and chic. Despite this being a kids line, the company has opted to forgo using the word “kids” on the front of the label. Instead, the black label gets a bright yellow lemon character that could probably be confused for a splash of paint. Tightening up the design of the character just a bit might help, but otherwise we think that this product is very much a winner.