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16oz Plastic

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Review: Red Radiance Liver Purifier

Posted: Apr 23, 2013 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Apr 26, 2013 at 11:37 AM)
O2 Living’s Red Radiance is a raw, cold pressed, and high pressure processed blend of strawberries, apples, and, as one can probably tell from the color of the drink, red beets. Despite the super bright red color, the beets aren’t overpowering, with a very pleasant strawberry flavor that cuts the naturally vegetative taste of beets. The apples seem to serve the purpose of bridging the gap between the two, adding a subtle sweetness and increasing the refreshment factor of the product. All in all, we’re very pleased with what they’ve created. In terms of the branding and positioning, we think a “less is more” approach would be better than the current label. As it stands right now, the product’s trying to say too much and most of it is the same copy that is found on pasteurized beverages (antioxidants, vitamins, etc). Honing in on raw and the quality of the ingredients would be a better approach. Lastly, we’re really not fond of the “liver purifier” callout (just as we’re not fond of some of the callouts on the other O2 varieties). Whether or not it could cause an issue for the brand from an FDA perspective is a question for an attorney, but from the consumer perspective, it’s a bit of a turnoff when the product should otherwise be trying to whet the appetite. Overall, we just wish this product were as strong on the outside as it is on the inside.