Oatworks: Mango & Peach

by Oatworks

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Juice: Smoothie


10.8 oz PET

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Review: Mango & Peach

Posted: May 08, 2012 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Dec 05, 2012 at 2:20 PM)
Like the other two flavors of Oat Works, Mango & Peach is a 100 percent juice drink that has been enhanced with PromOat (oat fiber). From a flavor perspective, this is probably the most straightforward tasting of the three varieties that we sampled, with the mango and peach being the dominant flavors. The added pear and apple juices don't get in the way as much as they do in the Strawberry & Banana variety, which results in a cleaner, more enjoyable experience. Functionally, being enhanced with oats is pretty straightforward in the sense that it's an ingredient that is universally understood as something good for you. In the case of this product, it adds 2g of soluble fiber per bottle, which is certainly meaningful. However, we think that "oat & fruit smoothie" will imply the drink is going to have at least some faint oatmeal flavor (it doesn't). Figuring out some way to address that head on might be a good thing. Otherwise, the aesthetics of the drink are pretty good, with a simple front panel and easy to understand copy on the back that explains the benefits of the drink. If there's anything that we'd consider changing, it would be the two color logo (one color would probably feel more polished). Overall, Oat Works' Mango & Peach is a unique and enjoyable spin on a classic smoothie beverage.