Ocean Spray PACt

by Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

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Juice: Juice Drink


16oz PET

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Review: Cranberry Pomegranate

(Last Updated: Oct 20, 2014 at 10:40 AM)
Ocean Spray Pact is a low-calorie beverage that hangs its hat on the benefits of cranberry extract (specifically proanthocyanidins or PACS). If there’s any company that can credibly market a super-strength cranberry drink, it’s definitely Ocean Spray. In terms of flavor, the product tastes very much like a diet drink, which is certainly due in part to its inclusion of stevia and monk fruit (the product also contains agave). While the cranberry flavor is quite good (even though it has no juice), we don’t get much in the way of pomegranate flavor. The bigger issue for us is that the differences between the four flavors is a bit too subtle. Still, for having only 10 calories per bottle, it’s certainly an enjoyable tasting product, assuming that you like cranberries. Plus, we like the fact that the red coloring of the liquid is from cranberries and that the benefit is directly tied to the core ingredient as opposed to some other addition. In terms of packaging and positioning, we’re a bit torn on this product. While the concept is totally within the bailiwick of Ocean Spray, the name and appearance of the product feel at odds with the more classic style of their brand. It’s almost as if the top portion of the label doesn’t align with the bottom. In addition, Ocean Spray's choice to fully wrap the bottle in a clear label results in something that looks foggy rather than clean, at least when it gets wet (it’s quite difficult to read). Beyond that, if “cleanse” is the intended function, we think the company could make it a bit more clear. Overall, we like the concept and the flavor, but the outside needs work as does the differentiation between the flavors.