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Coffee: Cold Brew


8.4 oz

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Review: Single Origin Cold Brew

Posted: Jun 11, 2015 at 9:22 AM (Last Updated: Jun 12, 2015 at 9:27 AM)
“Single Origin Cold Brew” is the product of Passion House Coffee Roasters, a specialty coffee roaster based in Chicago. The company's approach is a bit different than other coffee roasters in that it offers three “genres” of coffee: Ambient, Mainstream, and Experimental. This isn’t something that’s overly apparent from simply looking at this bottle, but this particular variety is one of their “Mainstream” roasts. From a taste perspective, it’s bold and balanced with a slight note of fruit to it. Mainstream is a definitely a very accurate way to describe -- at least in so far as the realm of cold brew coffee is concerned. Passion House has done a really excellent job with it, and we’d have a hard time imagining that anyone won’t like the flavor of it. As for the packaging, we like the use of an 8.4 oz. amber glass bottle. Right now, this is a physical point of differentiation for the product, although it still very much looks the part of a cold brew coffee product. However, the label, which feels like it was created simply for the design aesthetic that they were going for, lacks functionality in that it completely fails to communicate the name of the brand. Furthermore, the coffee genre aspect of what the company does is pretty lost in the current execution. Overall, this is truly one of the better tasting straight cold brew coffees that we’ve had, but the product’s packaging needs to better communicate the branding.