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Review: pHenOH 7.4

(Last Updated: Sep 09, 2014 at 10:27 AM)
pHenOH (pronounced “fee-no”) is a 7.4 pH sports drink that is designed to be a non-acidic alternative to mainstream isotonic beverages. It’s USDA Organic certified and is also sweetened with agave and flavored with aloe vera. The product, which is packaged in a rather unassuming 16.9 oz. Tetra Pak carton, is actually quite pleasant tasting and has a flavor profile that is unique amongst sports drinks. You can taste both the agave and the aloe, and it lacks the tartness that you’ll find in most sports drinks. There’s a slight saltiness to the flavor which helps add some depth to the otherwise mellow but thirst-quenching flavor. And at 30 calories and 8g of sugar per 8 oz. serving, this product is definitely among the lighter sports drinks that you’ll encounter. While we appreciate the uniqueness of the liquid and the point of differentiation, the product’s branding really needs work. For starters, we’re not big fans of “pHenOH,” which sounds overly technical. But more importantly, the visual treatment of the brand is not appealing to the eye. Aside from putting way too much emphasis on the 7.4 and making no mention of USDA Organic certification, the look of the product feels way too generic. We hate to say it, but a new graphic design is probably the best course of action in the long run. Overall, unique concept and nice taste, but the company needs to improve the branding and packaging.