Pok Pok Som

by Naam Som LLC

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Drinking Vinegar


16 oz Glass

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Review: Chinese Celery - 16 oz

Posted: Jan 06, 2015 at 8:21 AM (Last Updated: Jan 12, 2015 at 9:53 AM)
The Chinese Celery flavor of Pok Pok Som is a “full strength drinking vinegar” that is sold in concentrated form. While the suggested mix is one part Som and four parts soda or water, it’s certainly a matter of preference (we found a 1:3 ratio to be preferable). Made with cane vinegar (which is sourced from sugar cane), the product has a noticeable but smooth vinegar flavor that’s not as sharp as more common types of vinegar. From there, the company flavored the product with celery root and chinese celery. Fortunately, the level of sweetness that’s in the drink (16g of sugar per 1 ounce) is high enough that it keeps the celery flavor under control. Rounding out the blend is a touch of sea salt, which really hits your palate at the finish. All in all, the flavor is enjoyable and there is certainly a lot that you could do with this stuff in terms of using it as a mixer. On the outside, Pok Pok's use of an apothecary bottle seems like a wise choice for a product like this. It allows the product to have a subtle functional appearance without needing to make any claims on the bottle itself. As for the label, it has an artisanal and hip vibe to it, which is the result of both the graphics that the company created and the fact that it’s labeled as drinking vinegar (which will certainly catch some eyes). Overall, we really like this product, both for its unique flavor profile and for the vinegar-based beverage trend that it’s helping to spearhead.