Pok Pok Som

by Naam Som LLC

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Drinking Vinegar


12 oz Glass

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Review: Ginger

Posted: Oct 07, 2015 at 1:13 PM (Last Updated: Oct 27, 2015 at 11:39 AM)
With many upstart product lines, there’s often one or two flavors that stands out as being slightly more ready for prime time than the others. In the case of Som Soda, it’s this flavor, Ginger, which we feel is the most mainstream of the bunch. Blending what is essentially a ginger ale with the flavor of drinking vinegar works out really well, resulting in something that’s tart, sweet, and slightly spicy. The spice of the ginger definitely helps smooth out the punch of the vinegar, which we think will help with consumers who aren’t quite indoctrinated in the notion of drinking vinegar. And for those who are, this is certainly not the most hardcore product out there, but it’s a nice way to enjoy a bottle of soda with a new twist. Nutritionally, the product has 100 calories and 23g of sugar per 12 oz. bottle, which puts it on the lower end of sugar-based sodas. From that perspective, this drink is loaded with flavor compared with the alternatives. And honestly, it seems like a concept that could take drinking vinegar to the masses a bit more quickly than a concentrate product. However, the company does need to do a bit of work on the label, which really doesn’t call out the drinking vinegar sufficiently. As it stands right now, you’d have to turn the bottle sideways -- or already know the Som brand. Making this better integrated will definitely help this product along. Overall, a very enjoyable product that just needs to refine how it presents itself.