Pok Pok Som

by Naam Som LLC

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Drinking Vinegar


12 oz GLASS

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Review: Thai Basil

Posted: Oct 07, 2015 at 1:13 PM (Last Updated: Oct 27, 2015 at 11:39 AM)
The Thai Basil variety of Som Soda offers something unique in comparison to the others. Specifically, it has the light herbal flavor of Thai basil infused into it, which is definitely more delicate than their other three offerings. While it’s admittedly not a flavor that we expected to work in a vinegar-enhanced soda, it definitely does. Part of why it works is that it takes the focus off of the drinking vinegar, which, if it didn’t, could have made for a very one-dimensional product. Instead, you’ve got just the right amount of Thai basil, vinegar tang, sweetness, and carbonation. As far as sodas go, this isn’t a classic, but something entirely new and sophisticated. Visually, the product has gone with a long neck 12 oz. glass bottle, which definitely looks the part of a premium soda. Between the Pok Pok Som branding and “Thai Basil,” the product definitely has a somewhat ethnic look to it. This is only an issue in that it takes the emphasis off of the drinking vinegar, which is tucked off to the right side of the label, in small font, and rotated. If Som Soda wishes to really be about drinking vinegar (and we think it should to clearly communicate its point of differentiation), the company should consider integrating it into the look a bit more.