Pressed Juicery: Wellness Shot (2015)

by Pressed Juicery LLC

Product Type

High Pressure Processed (HPP), Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


2 oz

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Review: Wellness Shot (2015)

Posted: Jul 12, 2015 at 12:23 PM (Last Updated: Jul 27, 2015 at 3:45 PM)
Made with ginger, lemon and cayenne, Wellness Shot is a slight twist on the classic ginger shot. Compared with straight ginger, this product actually has a more intense flavor. This is due to the sharp acidity of the lemon and the added layer of spice from the cayenne. While you could certainly sip this product, it’s definitely better as a shot. And when you do gulp it down, there’s a lingering spice as would be expected from these ingredients. Perhaps the best part of the product is the fresh taste of the blend. While this is due in part to the company's use of high pressure processing, it’s also the result of striking a nice blend between the ginger and the lemon. All in all, we really like this product. It’s both a nice complement to the Pressed Juicery line and one of the better tasting ginger shots that we’ve had. Visually, we like that the company uses with a square-shaped 2 oz. bottle. Unlike the round bottles that most other companies are using for their small format products, this creates visual continuity with the rest of the brand. Otherwise, the product is clean and intuitive, with the ingredients listed on the front of the bottle. Overall, a really nice line extension for Pressed Juicery.