Pure Hibi

by Meryem's Homemade LLC

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Tea: Sweetened


16oz Glass

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Review: Ginger Infused

(Last Updated: Jul 18, 2014 at 10:20 AM)
Hibi’s Ginger Infused hibiscus tea is the least sweet of their sugar-sweetened flavors (there’s also an unsweetened flavor), but that doesn’t mean that it’s short on flavor. Inside the bottle, there’s a very pleasant tasting blend of four ingredients, including organic hibiscus, sugar, ginger, and water. The resulting product is smooth and full of flavor. The sugar does a nice job of cutting the bitter finish that’s found in their unsweetened line, while the ginger is a welcome secondary flavor. Dialing up both the ginger and the sweetness a little bit might help broaden the product’s appeal. Otherwise, what they’ve created is really quite good. Packaging is a tall 16 oz. glass bottle with a paper label. This is clearly a first effort (and probably hand labeled since a two piece label like this would be difficult to apply so perfectly). That’s a good thing as the label definitely needs some work -- if not a complete redesign. It’s really not clear what the brand is (is it “Pure” or “Hibi”?) and the flavor name is pretty buried in the label. Making these things stand out -- and doing something to make it look polished -- would be great places to start. Overall, we like the formulation, but the packaging needs a lot of work.