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Tea: Herbal and Alternative


14 oz GLASS

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Review: Guayusa with Pomegranate & Peach

Posted: Dec 23, 2015 at 2:35 PM (Last Updated: Jan 19, 2016 at 11:25 AM)
Purity Organic’s Guayusa with Pomegranate and Peach is the most traditional tasting offering of the new flavors that the brand launched in January, 2016. Specifically, the blend of guayusa with pomegranate and peach flavor tastes not that far off from a raspberry or peach iced black tea. To that end, this product, which uses the brewed leaves of a guayusa plant rather than a tea plant, is very much an elevated version of something that should be very familiar to anyone who picks it up. In addition, we really like the fact that the entire 14 oz. bottle is only 50 calories (with 7g of sugar). Otherwise, the packaging is clean to the eye both in terms of readability and its polished look. We do, however, wish that more emphasis was given to the flavor that the company added. This would be especially helpful with this offering as guayusa does not have the same level of awareness as mate or matcha. Still, what’s inside the bottle is top notch and this does seem like the formulation that could have the broadest appeal.