Purity Organic Teas

by Purity Organic LLC

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Tea: Herbal and Alternative


14 oz GLASS

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Review: Matcha with Hibiscus, Honey & Lime

Posted: Dec 23, 2015 at 2:37 PM (Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016 at 12:25 PM)
Of the three matcha flavors that Purity Organic has launched, this one is the most complex and unique. The addition of hibiscus and lime are the difference makers, especially in the way that it transforms the naturally grassy flavor of the matcha. In the case of the hibiscus, it helps the matcha become a lot smoother than it would be by itself, while also adding a slight floral note to it. The lime is a nice change of pace from lemon, which is slightly bitter and sweet as opposed to the pure sour flavor of lemon. Lastly, there’s agave to provide the sweetness. The company has used it pretty sparingly and the product has only 60 calories and 7g of sugars per bottle. As far as the Purity Organics matcha flavors are concerned, this one was definitely our favorite. We’d say the same about the label, which, thanks to purplish accent color, stands out nicely. However, we’d still love it if the flavor name were a bit easier to find. Overall, an innovative and enjoyable approach to matcha.