by Purple Life Laboratories LLC

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Functional: Energy Supplement


12 oz Can

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Review: Fuel

(Last Updated: Dec 15, 2014 at 12:42 PM)
Based on the name and the 120mg of caffeine that’s in each can, this product is definitely the energy formulation of the Purps lineup. With a blend of acai and several other purple fruit extracts, the product tastes somewhat reminiscent of a Sambazon energy drink. That said, the product has a mild tart and tangy fruit flavor with a light bite (presumably from the added functional ingredients) at its finish. But, like the other flavors, we’re a bit thrown off by the way that the company communicates what the product is about. Instead of stating that it’s an energy drink, the only copy that you’ll find on the front panel is Purps' “from this earth” tagline. While that’s certainly clever and fits nicely with the polished design of the packaging, the product requires some close examination to figure out its purpose and key ingredients. Purps could certainly do this on the back of the can, which is currently occupied with a statement on the company’s mission (which is ultimately irrelevant if you don’t buy the product…). Overall, it’s a good start, but the product feels slightly misguided in how it communicates to the consumer.