by Purple Life Laboratories LLC

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Functional: Energy Shot


3 oz Plastic

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Review: Vita

(Last Updated: Dec 15, 2014 at 12:42 PM)
With Purps playing in a different beverage category with each of its products (in addition to this one, the company has a sports drink, an energy drink and a mix), it wasn’t a total surprise to see a shot make its way into the lineup. Vita comes in a 3 oz. slightly tapered bottle that has a clean white and purple design. Like the other varieties, this product uses their proprietary blend of purple fruit extracts, but the flavor is much heavier on the acai (it even has the acai grit to it). At 10 calories, it’s not as bad as most things that come from this type of bottle. From a functional perspective, the product has a lot -- too much, in our opinion -- going on with it. There is literally zero explanation of what the key benefits are or what this product is. Is it an energy shot? Is it a vitamin shot? Despite the clean visual design, this is a huge negative. Plus, we think that Purps approach, which is to play in variety of beverage categories with a specific functionality for each product, is way to wide to be successful. Nailing one product type in one segment -- perhaps with a few SKUs -- seems like a much better approach.