Reliant Recovery Water

by Reliant Beverage Company

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Water: Enhanced, Functional: Recovery and Hangover


16.9oz PET

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Review: Reliant Recovery Water (2014)

(Last Updated: Sep 22, 2014 at 10:09 AM)
Reliant Recovery Water is water that is fortified with oxygen, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and potassium bicarbonate. While the company has plenty of explanation on its website (including research studies that are intended to validate their recovery and performance claims), there’s very little information on the bottle. That being said, it’s pretty hard to evaluate this product if you’re in the real world (aka a store) and not on the company’s website. Fortunately, the product is still a pretty nice looking bottle of water and the taste is soft and pleasant. The branding is simple and minimalist, which is a nice change of pace from what you typically see in the bottled water category. In addition, we like the tapered shape of the bottle and the white full-wrap label that the company uses. While it doesn’t fully communicate what it is, the clean look combined with the subtle message of “recovery water” is a good start. What we’d really like to see, preferably on the back of the bottle, is some sort of summary of what’s powering this product. In the absence of that, we think consumers will be hard pressed to pick this product based on anything more than the look of the packaging. Overall, it’s an interesting product that presents itself in a way that’s appealing to the eye, but it needs to do a better job of explaining itself to the consumer.