Revive Kombucha

by Revive Drinks

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Tea: Kombucha


11 oz GLASS

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Review: Moka Coaster - Coffee Cacao Brew

Posted: Jan 22, 2016 at 1:17 PM (Last Updated: Jan 25, 2016 at 12:04 PM)
Moka Coaster is the second coffee-based kombucha from Revive. It starts out largely the same as the company's other coffee offering, Up Beat, but it has added cacao bean (from Dandelion Chocolate) and cacao bitters. This results in something that has subtle but complex chocolate note to it. All in all, the product tastes like a modern version of a coffee soda as opposed to what you’ll typically find in a kombucha. Still, the kombucha has a light funk to it, but isn’t vinegary, and the product is very effervescent to the point where it is likely to foam over when you open it. Being a raw and organic beverage that only contains sugar in the the kombucha base, the product is low in both calories and sugar (40 calories and 10g of sugar per bottle) while also containing 24mg of caffeine. On the outside, we like the 10 oz. stubby bottle as it seems like a nice serving size for the product. The paper label is colorful and whimsical in style, although the Revive logo feels a bit lost with all that’s going on. While we genuinely like the look of the artwork, we wish that Revive could create something that allowed the logo to stand out a bit more. Lastly, we think the company should work on the quality of the label and how it’s applied -- many of our sample bottles had bubbles under them. Overall, this is an innovative and very well-executed formulation from Revive.