Revive Kombucha

by Revive Drinks

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11 oz GLASS

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Review: Up Beat - Coffee Brew

Posted: Jan 25, 2016 at 10:22 AM (Last Updated: Jan 25, 2016 at 12:04 PM)
Formerly known as the “Gold” variety, Up Beat is a coffee-based kombucha (rather than tea-based) that’s made with Equator Coffee. We’re still big fans of the subtle, but bold, coffee flavor. There’s a slight note of funk to the product, which is where the kombucha and all its bacteria come into play, but it’s otherwise a very smooth product that has just the right amount of sweetness. Plus, the carbonation of the kombucha gives the coffee a nice twist and, interestingly enough, the product's caffeine content (24mg) is lowered by the fermentation process. Finally, we love that the product has only 40 calories and 10g of sugar per bottle. On the outside, the bottle has been given a bit of a makeover. We like the retro style design to the illustrated artwork as well as the more prominent callout for the Equator Coffee. However, there’s something about it that feels slightly incomplete. Plus, we’d really like to see the Revive branding become a bit more prominent in the look of the product. With the old label having too much Revive branding and not enough to describe the flavor, it’s almost as if the company has gone from one extreme to the other. Overall, we still really enjoy the flavor of this product and we appreciate the steps that Revive has taken to make the product better.