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Last Updated: 11/20/2013 10:28 AM

Compared with the Cherry Citrus flavor of Rockstar Sparkling Energy, the Peach variety definitely tastes less like diet soda or seltzer. Instead, it has an almost candy-like flavor that feels like a cousin to one of Rockstar’s “Sour” flavors. Still, it’s a pleasant-tasting product, especially for a zero-calorie product, with a bold peach flavor and minimal sweetener finish (the product uses Ace-K and sucralose). And, of course, it has plenty of energy kick, with 160mg of caffeine (from natural sources), B vitamins and taurine. Visually, the orange and yellow color palette has slightly more pop than the other Sparkling variety, but the design is otherwise the same. As with the Cherry Citrus variety, we appreciate the positive and less aggressive look that this design has. Overall, a nice addition to the Rockstar family.


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