Runa Guayusa

by Runa LLC

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Tea: Herbal and Alternative


14 oz glass

Nutritional Info

PER BOTTLE: Calories 50 Sodium 26mg Total Carbohydrate 14g Sugars 14g Caffeine 90mg † Antioxidants ORAC Value 1719 M


Fresh brewed organic guayusa (filtered water and organic guayusa leaves **), organic cane sugar **, organic spearmint extract, citric acid. ** Organic & Fair Trade Certified Ingredients

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Review: Mint Guayusa Tea

Posted: Mar 21, 2012 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Mar 26, 2012 at 10:40 AM)
Playing off of another classic tea combination of tea and mint, Guayusa’s Mint variety is flavored exclusively with spearmint extract and lightly sweetened (only 14g per bottle) with sugar. The mint does a very nice job of giving the product a refreshing feel, while also making the guayusa taste even more like black tea (and therefore more familiar) than the other varieties. Plus, it tastes very high quality -- almost like what you’d make at home. Functionally, guayusa’s natural caffeine content gives the product a decent amount of kick -- 90mg per bottle. It’s also naturally rich in antioxidants, with an ORAC value of 1719 per bottle. Visually, it looks like a super premium RTD tea, which is certainly the area of the cooler that it will occupy. However, the plain white background is something that makes the product look like either a diet drink or a store brand. Perhaps a subtle color or pattern would alleviate this. Overall, another enjoyable flavor for the Runa line.