Sap On Tap

by EJZ Foods / Dora

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Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


10oz bottle

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Review: Sap on Tap

(Last Updated: Oct 21, 2014 at 10:43 AM)
Sap on Tap is a single-ingredient maple water beverage that is USDA Organic certified. The product, much like every other maple water that we’ve tasted to date, is very subtle and has a light maple flavor. The product clocks in at 24 calories, which certainly makes it a very viable low calorie refreshment option. This, more than any supposed health benefit, seems like the most compelling reason to purchase this product. However, it does, at least in terms of flavor, feel somewhat interchangeable with other maple water brands. On the packaging front, it looks and feels very similar to Happy Tree Maple Water. Obviously both of these products -- and the entire category (if you can even call it that) -- are very much in their infancy. We’re honestly not sure if it’s good or bad that the drinks look the same. As for this product’s label, the green and red color palette is clean and easy on the eyes, but the brand name feels a bit disconnected from the main “Maple Water” logo. Integrating this would definitely help this brand be able to have its own identity. As it stands right now, the product feels somewhat sterile. Beyond that, we’re confused as to why the label doesn’t mention the company’s web site or social media accounts. This makes it somewhat difficult for consumers to learn more or connect with the company. Overall, this is definitely a drinkable and enjoyable product, but we feel as though the marketers need to do a bit more with the branding to establish a connection with the consumer.