by Sattva Life LLC

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Tea: Herbal and Alternative, High Pressure Processed (HPP)


10 oz PET

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Review: Tulsi

Posted: Feb 19, 2016 at 2:38 PM (Last Updated: Feb 23, 2016 at 9:28 AM)
Of the two Sattva varieties, this one seems like it’s a bit closer to being ready for primetime. This statement is due to the flavor and the packaging, both of which seem to be a step ahead of the Ashwagandha variety. As for the flavor, this one blends water, cane juice, tulsi juice, ginger juice, key lime juice, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and natural flavors. The product, which undergoes high pressure processing (HPP) instead of pasteurization, has a clean and refreshing flavor. The tulsi gives it a light herbal flavor, while the lime and ginger provide a mellow secondary note. The product has 9g of sugars per bottle (and 40 calories), so it’s only slightly sweet. Putting all of this together, Sattva’s Tulsi is a light and refreshing tasting herbal tea that, thanks to HPP, doesn’t have the citric acid finish that you’ll find in most pasteurized teas. On the outside, the 10 oz. bottle definitely looks like something that is of the same style as other HPP beverages. It’s certainly a little small compared with standard tea beverages (many of which are 16 oz.). The design itself is polished looking, but we’re not sure that the company has done enough to communicate information about this product. Labeling it as an herbal tea will certainly help, especially since that’s the beverage category that where it’s likely to be merchandised. Furthermore, adding something to describe the flavor, such as a callout for the key lime and ginger, would make this product more appealing to the senses. Finally, there’s the functionality, which, short of looking at the company’s website, won’t be overly easy for the consumer to make sense of while standing in front of the beverage cooler. Overall, this is a really nice first effort and a product that’s extremely enjoyable to drink. With some refinement and further development of the packaging and messaging, we feel like this product has some nice potential.